As an independent storage integrator focused on providing customized storage solutions, and constant exposure to multi-vendor products and technologies, The Datalifecycle Company has accumulated deep expertise in this domain. We share this knowledge with our clients and partners through the following services: -

We leverage our expertise in storage technologies to help design, select and implement an optimal data storage solution for your organisation.

Technical Support & Training:
Whether you are an OEM, SI or end-user, rely on us for professional deployment and maintenance of your storage solutions. We offer our services for one-time activities as well as for operational maintenance and training.

Lease of Storage Infrastructure:
For many of our clients, leasing storage and backup/archival infrastructure presents an attractive option, particularly for project-driven requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of storage infrastucture to meet almost any requirements. Vitally, we also offer the quickest delivery lead-times.

Data Disposal services:
We offer on-site and off-site tape and hard disk degaussing services for secure data disposal.