Our strategic partnership with several innovative vendors and the wide range of world-class products available to us as a result, enables us to architect customized data storage solutions.

Our approach to a solution is holistic – it considers the entire lifecycle of data through the client organization along with a thorough understanding of the clients’ nature of business, pain points and expectations

This allows us to integrate the most appropriate solution, which typically incorporates the following parameters:

Storage Consolidation: For ease of management and enhanced efficiency, data across conventional and virtual server environments is consolidated using direct-attach, network-attach, IP-SAN and FC-SAN solutions, with a wide choice of disk and I/O interfaces (FC, SAS, iSCSI, SCSI)

High Availability: Fault resilient data access with no single point of failure, with double or multi node data gateways and path-failover protocols ensures uninterrupted data flow in the event of unforeseen hardware failures.

Optimized Performance: Based on application workload, configuration of the solution can be fine tuned for optimal performance and utilization of resources.

Protection & Archival: The design and implementation of a data protection and archival policy is an integral component of a sound data storage infrastructure. Disk (virtual tape) and tape backup solutions can provide protection against and quick recovery from unexpected data loss.

Optical or tape systems can be used to archive old data which otherwise can use up precious storage space and impede the performance and efficiency of storage infrastructure

Disaster Recovery: Robust host and network based data replication systems with appropriate failover & failback ensures business continuity even in the event of crippling disasters.

Data Disposal: Data media like tape cartridges and hard drives that are discarded must first be cleansed of all data in order to prevent unauthorized access to what could be confidential or sensitive information. Mere deletion of data or reformatting of media does not eliminate this risk. International regulations are increasingly demanding compliance with safe and permanent disposal of data. Tape and hard disk degaussers provide convenient, cost-effective and quick solutions for irreversible erasure of data from discarded or defective media.